Women’s Sport Coverage Decreases Since London 2012

As we reported at the time here on Hot For Writing, London 2012 was undoubtedly a triumph for women in sport. Whilst not all of the coverage around the event was positive, London 2012 sportswomen featured in media coverage around the world and many – see Jessica Ennis and Nicola Adams – have since become household names and visible media personalities here in the UK. Given this, you’d think that the profile of women’s sport as a whole – as with the... Read More

Denis Mukwege: The Man of 30,000 Survivors

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize was a tough result to call with a list of many decorated names as nominees. With the prize often causing controversy and the suggestion that the prize has been tainted by controversial names receiving the award in past years, 2013 has been a pivotal year for the reputation of the prize. This year saw a common theme among nominees, with many names being nominated for their role in the strive for gender equality and the relief of female suffrage... Read More

A Handful of Ash: Challenging FGM in Kurdistan

Female genital mutilation is a practice that has thrived despite its taboo status. A seemingly global inability to discuss a personal and harrowing practise that is prevalent in many parts of the world is without question endangering the lives of children and our misunderstanding of the subject is creating a dangerous legacy of female oppression. But one group of film makers and activists have now started the conversation about female genital mutilation (FGM), in Kurdistan,... Read More

New York City Launches Scheme to Improve Girls’ Self-Esteem

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has this week launched his latest public health campaign aimed – rather brilliantly – at improving the self-esteem of girls and young women living in the city. Just as Bloomberg and his team have previously taken on big tobacco firms and drinks manufacturers, this time their target is the fashion industry and the unattainable notions of beauty promoted by companies and agencies working within the field. The campaign – which... Read More

Teenage Rape Victims and the Culture of Blame

2013 has sadly seen the media alight with stories of teenage rape victims (and in some cases perpetrators). From the Steubenville rape case to the heartbreaking suicides of young Canadian rape victim Rehtaeh Parsons and fourteen year old American Cherice Moralez. Whilst I would usually steer clear of grouping such cases together, each of these cases have something common besides the age of the victims – in each case, the courts have defended the attackers and placed blame... Read More

Does Intelligence Affect the Desire to Procreate?

According to controversial London School of Economics researcher Satoshi Kanazawa, a woman’s desire to reproduce correlates directly – and negatively – with her intelligence. Kanazawa initially suggested this theory in his 2012 book The Intelligence Paradox: Why the Intelligent Choice isn’t Always the Smart One, suggesting that for every extra 15 IQ points a woman possesses, she is 25% less likely to want to have children. For an academic working at one... Read More

‘Baby Boxes’ Spread Across Europe

The Guardian this week reports that the United Nations is increasingly concerned at the spread of ‘baby boxes’ in Europe – hatches where unwanted newborn babies can be secretly abandoned by their parents. According to The Guardian, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has warned that: ‘The practice [of abandoning unwanted children in these boxes] contravenes the right of the child to be known and cared for by his or her parents.’ The committee... Read More