‘A Bic For Women’

‘A ball pen essentially for women!’ This is (somewhat incredibly) the tagline of Bic For Her, a range of biro pens that – despite the widespread online ridicule maker Bic came under for its heavy gender branding – are still marketed as being for women only. The Amazon reviews for the Bic For Her range of pens found internet fame this summer as women relished the opportunity to hit back at what was essentially sexist stupidity. After all, this is a biro we’re... Read More

New Perfume Claims to Guarantee Weight Loss

An article from new writer Melike Berker.  Summer is upon us, with many of us now working tirelessly to achieve a beach-worthy ‘bikini bod.’ Sometimes it feels hard to keep up the willpower to try another diet that claims to help you quickly lose fat and inches – and indeed to get away from feeling jealous of the slender-looking models featuring on the covers of magazines. This week, the Daily Mail ran a report about a new perfume that claims to shatter an... Read More

Cadbury’s Crispello – Not for Men

So last week Cadbury’s launched Crispello – its first brand-new chocolate bar to launch since the 1990s. In addition, a £7 million advertising campaign to accompany the launch and promote the chocolate bar was also announced. For marketers like me (and – I’d imagine – everyone who just really loves chocolate), this should have been a pretty exciting development, non? Well, I had hoped so. But it seems that – in addition to its funny Italian-esque... Read More

The Union Jack & Summer 2012 Branding

2012 is so far proving to be a huge year for the UK. As well as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the London 2012 Olympic Games kick off in just a couple of weeks. These are two huge events, both with enormous potential for organisations and brands in terms of marketing, sales, promotion and PR and, as we’d perhaps expect, the country has been whipped into what seems to be an enormous patriotic frenzy. Street parties and public events are go as the torch relay makes its... Read More

McDonalds to Provide One in Five Olympic Meals

Who knew? Health campaigners this week warned that attempts to use the London 2012 Olympic Games to encourage sporting activity and improve public health will be undermined as a result of the recent announcement that one in five meals served to fans at the games will come from McDonalds. The International Olympic Committee launched – and defended – its food strategy last week, confirming that 3 million of the 14 million meals served during the two weeks of the Olympics... Read More

Baking is Cool. Win!

Winner – apparently baking is on the up! According to Mintel, sales of home baking equipment have more than doubled in the last two years, and decorating and icing product sales are up 70% in year-on-year terms. Mintel also reckons that 28% of people in the UK bake from scratch at last once a week. To me, this 28% seems an extraordinary figure, given that the media continually tells us that many people in the UK can’t even boil an egg, but then again I can bake, and I... Read More

Human Milk Bank Opened in Serbia

The Institute for Neonatology in Belgrade has opened up a brand-new human breast milk ‘bank’ – a first for Serbia and the Balkans. The facility aims to provide milk for premature newborns hospitalized at the Institute, and to boost rates of breastfeeding in a county where very few mothers take it up. Slavica Simic, head of the ‘bank,’ has also stated the intention to expand the facility, stating that: ‘Our goal is to extend the bank in order to be able to feed... Read More