Feminist Societies – A Rarity in UK Universities?

As the year rolls on, freshers fairs are beginning to be readied in students unions across the country. University is classically seen as a time of heightened passions, of the politicisation of the younger generation and of taking a stand for the first time but – when it comes to feminism, it seems that this is not necessarily the case. We’ve discussed whether feminism exists at university before here at Hot For Writing and – despite recent comments on the... Read More

Marvel Comics Push Forward Strong Female Characters

Here at Hot For Writing the issue of female characters in super hero movies has been discussed before. From looking at super hero makeovers to ruminating as to when Wonder Woman will be given her own space on the big screen, women within the super heroes canon has been a hot topic of late. Obviously these moments of individual attention are important in redressing the balance in comic book culture, but the general presence of women within this male-dominated world is actually... Read More

The Burqa, Blame and Britain

The burqa is a curious creature. In society it is the cause of much debate. From protests for a women’s right to choose her clothing to riots on the streets in Paris due to the country’s banning of wearing the garment in public, it is both highly traditional yet also highly, highly controversial. As covered here on Hot For Writing recently, the recent rioting in France raised a serious question with regards human rights, namely whether the citizens of France have... Read More

UKIP Treasurer: ‘Women Hold Themselves Back’

In the current economic climate (somewhat troubled to say the least), I think it would be fair to say that this summer’s graduates – both male and female – will be pretty concerned with finding that elusive first job. Indeed, Twitter seems confirm this – even a cursory glance at the feeds of new graduates suggests multiple job interviews in the quest to secure gainful employment, with the longer-term career path taking somewhat of a back seat for the time... Read More

Summer 2013: A Season of Musical Misogyny

As the evenings draw in, the inevitable rain appears and mornings become darker, the country seems to be reflecting back on the summer of 2013. This summer will not only be remembered for the actual appearance of the sun, it will also be remembered for the return of the Rolling Stones, the birth of the future King George and – somewhat unfortunately – the inescapable tones of Robin Thicke. Thicke’s hit track Blurred Lines was a major talking point this summer.... Read More

‘I Am Chelsea Manning’

Last week saw the incarceration of one of the most important whisle blowers in modern history. Bradley Manning released thousands of US documents which detailed a number of injustices within the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, as well as a number of US secrets which did not show the country to be the democratic power it claims to be. The released documents contained evidence of serious war crimes including groups of American servicemen torturing Iraqi prisoners, as well as the famous... Read More

Exam Results Reveal Gender Disparity – With Boys at a Disadvantage

An article from new writer Robbie Pickles. A group of slim young girls jumps for the camera, A Level results papers clutched proudly in their hands whilst the cameraman letches on. I assume they whoop and scream as they jump – they certainly look excited. This isn’t an article about these girls, though, nor about the misogyny that puts them on the front of your newspaper. Someone else has already written that article, arguably with more skill than I. I’m here... Read More