The Burqa, Blame and Britain

The burqa is a curious creature. In society it is the cause of much debate. From protests for a women’s right to choose her clothing to riots on the streets in Paris due to the country’s banning of wearing the garment in public, it is both highly traditional yet also highly, highly controversial. As covered here on Hot For Writing recently, the recent rioting in France raised a serious question with regards human rights, namely whether the citizens of France have... Read More

New York City Launches Scheme to Improve Girls’ Self-Esteem

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has this week launched his latest public health campaign aimed – rather brilliantly – at improving the self-esteem of girls and young women living in the city. Just as Bloomberg and his team have previously taken on big tobacco firms and drinks manufacturers, this time their target is the fashion industry and the unattainable notions of beauty promoted by companies and agencies working within the field. The campaign – which... Read More

Summer 2013: A Season of Musical Misogyny

As the evenings draw in, the inevitable rain appears and mornings become darker, the country seems to be reflecting back on the summer of 2013. This summer will not only be remembered for the actual appearance of the sun, it will also be remembered for the return of the Rolling Stones, the birth of the future King George and – somewhat unfortunately – the inescapable tones of Robin Thicke. Thicke’s hit track Blurred Lines was a major talking point this summer.... Read More

When Will Wonder Woman Hit the Big Screen?

It seems that superhero movies are being released left, right and centre of late. In the past year Superman and Batman films have premiered with record-breaking box office sales. Recently, I’ve found myself wondering when – or indeed if – we are we going to see a Wonder Woman movie released. A recent article in the Metro highlighted that Wonder Woman is the only hero of the DC Comics Holy Trinity trio not yet to star in a feature-length film. I mean, fair enough,... Read More

100 Deeds: Rediscovering Feminism Today

This is great. This summer, the People’s History Museum in Manchester is commemorating the death of suffragette Emily Wilding Davison by joining the 100 Deeds project, inviting members of the public to do – and share – a deed that illustrates what modern feminism means to them. 100 years ago, on the 4th June 1913, Emily Wilding Davison stepped in front of the King’s horse at the Epsom Derby, protesting women’s right to vote. Her deed caused her... Read More

Are Men Afraid of Fashion?

An interesting little article from Greyfox in this week’s Guardian tackles the question of whether men are afraid to dress well. I have to say, I chuckled a little at this, as for every male friend I have who takes an interest in fashion and looking good, I could probably name another three that – and I quote near enough verbatim here – ‘couldn’t really give a monkeys.’ In his article, Greyfox suggests that: ‘…the fear of dressing... Read More

Women Offered Makeovers to Help Them Find a Job

This week the Huffington Post UK reported that jobseekers in Wales were being incentivised with spray tans. Weird, right? Yeah. According to the Huffington Post, the idea is to: ‘Give people that extra confidence – that Gok Wan makeover – to give them the incentive to find work. It [the makeover] will recognise those who are doing their utmost to find employment.’ To me, this is really bizzare. And oddly, this isn’t the only recent story about the unemployed... Read More