Marvel Comics Push Forward Strong Female Characters

Here at Hot For Writing the issue of female characters in super hero movies has been discussed before. From looking at super hero makeovers to ruminating as to when Wonder Woman will be given her own space on the big screen, women within the super heroes canon has been a hot topic of late. Obviously these moments of individual attention are important in redressing the balance in comic book culture, but the general presence of women within this male-dominated world is actually... Read More

‘A Bic For Women’

‘A ball pen essentially for women!’ This is (somewhat incredibly) the tagline of Bic For Her, a range of biro pens that – despite the widespread online ridicule maker Bic came under for its heavy gender branding – are still marketed as being for women only. The Amazon reviews for the Bic For Her range of pens found internet fame this summer as women relished the opportunity to hit back at what was essentially sexist stupidity. After all, this is a biro we’re... Read More

New York City Launches Scheme to Improve Girls’ Self-Esteem

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has this week launched his latest public health campaign aimed – rather brilliantly – at improving the self-esteem of girls and young women living in the city. Just as Bloomberg and his team have previously taken on big tobacco firms and drinks manufacturers, this time their target is the fashion industry and the unattainable notions of beauty promoted by companies and agencies working within the field. The campaign – which... Read More

Teenage Rape Victims and the Culture of Blame

2013 has sadly seen the media alight with stories of teenage rape victims (and in some cases perpetrators). From the Steubenville rape case to the heartbreaking suicides of young Canadian rape victim Rehtaeh Parsons and fourteen year old American Cherice Moralez. Whilst I would usually steer clear of grouping such cases together, each of these cases have something common besides the age of the victims – in each case, the courts have defended the attackers and placed blame... Read More

Summer 2013: A Season of Musical Misogyny

As the evenings draw in, the inevitable rain appears and mornings become darker, the country seems to be reflecting back on the summer of 2013. This summer will not only be remembered for the actual appearance of the sun, it will also be remembered for the return of the Rolling Stones, the birth of the future King George and – somewhat unfortunately – the inescapable tones of Robin Thicke. Thicke’s hit track Blurred Lines was a major talking point this summer.... Read More

‘I Am Chelsea Manning’

Last week saw the incarceration of one of the most important whisle blowers in modern history. Bradley Manning released thousands of US documents which detailed a number of injustices within the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, as well as a number of US secrets which did not show the country to be the democratic power it claims to be. The released documents contained evidence of serious war crimes including groups of American servicemen torturing Iraqi prisoners, as well as the famous... Read More

Abortion Laws Hit the Headlines in Ireland and the US

Proposed changes to abortion laws have dominated the press again in recent weeks, with much of the American and political press focusing in particular on Texas State Senator Wendy Davis and her stand against proposed changes to Texas law that would have seen access to legal abortions in the state significantly restricted. Davis came to the fore in the world’s media for staging a mammoth feat to prevent the bill, which would have closed almost all abortion clinics in Texas,... Read More