Hot For Writing was founded by Amy in 2010. Initially a personal writing project with a focus on stories concerning women in some way, Hot For Writing has since evolved to include multiple writers contributing to the HFW community and a two-person editorial team of Amy and Ashleigh at the helm.

Every day, it seems that women are told what they are ‘hot for’. Whether this is dictated by advertising, confirmed in the press and media or yelled by men driving around in white vans, we believe this builds unachievable stereotypes, unnecessary pressure and creates negative perceptions – as well as very rarely being accurate.

At Hot For Writing our aim is to challenge this thinking through writing, by analysing what is happening around us, providing thoughtful, personal commentary on current news stories and by working hard to define just what it is modern women are really ‘hot for’. By exploring both the good and the bad, we aim to open up a space for discussion for women and men who have questions and opinions.

At Hot For Writing we identify as feminists, but feminists of every variation and type. As well as promoting discussion we also place an emphasis on new writing, providing a place for writers to expand their portfolio and for old (and new) topics to be given a fresh focus.

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