‘Baby Boxes’ Spread Across Europe

The Guardian this week reports that the United Nations is increasingly concerned at the spread of ‘baby boxes’ in Europe – hatches where unwanted newborn babies can be secretly abandoned by their parents. According to The Guardian, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has warned that: ‘The practice [of abandoning unwanted children in these boxes] contravenes the right of the child to be known and cared for by his or her parents.’ The committee... Read More

Exam Results Reveal Gender Disparity – With Boys at a Disadvantage

An article from new writer Robbie Pickles. A group of slim young girls jumps for the camera, A Level results papers clutched proudly in their hands whilst the cameraman letches on. I assume they whoop and scream as they jump – they certainly look excited. This isn’t an article about these girls, though, nor about the misogyny that puts them on the front of your newspaper. Someone else has already written that article, arguably with more skill than I. I’m here... Read More

Women ‘Significantly Under-Represented’ In Radio

An article from new writer Emily Cotterill. Outside a bustling Cardiff night club four young women eagerly attempt to engage the evening’s high profile DJ in conversation. It sounds a little like the opening sequence of a late night piece of docu-misogyny, a lament to the apparently low standards and loose morals of modern women but in fact it is something rather different. These women are members of Cardiff University’s student media team, their target of choice long-standing... Read More

Slane Girl: Social Media Abuse Continues

And without further ado, further social media furore. ‘Slane Girl’ today hit the internet with a bang. Last week a teenage girl attended a concert at Slane Castle in Ireland and was captured on camera engaging in sexual acts in public. The resultant photographs were – perhaps unsurprisingly – shared on social media sites and, due to an apparent mix of glee and condemnation, swiftly went viral. The spread of the images online exposed some extremely unpalatable... Read More

Twitter Abuse and Freedom of Speech

The last two weeks have seen several high profile female journalists and MPs receive rape and death threats on Twitter, mostly from anonymous users and profiles. This news – obviously enough to make headlines on its own – coupled with the women’s refusal to ignore the abuse, has led to a campaign for a reporting system to be embedded within the Twitter platform, with the aim of logging and punish those using the platform to troll or abuse. Whilst this may seem... Read More

France’s Burqa Ban: Further Controversy

In 2009, 240 inhabitants of a suburban area of Paris were arrested for airing their grievances against high unemployment rates for minorities and France’s failing policies around immigrant integration. This month, Parisians have once again taken to the streets in protest against these issues, this time with their protests stemming from alleged heavy-handed enforcement of France’s controversial ‘burqa ban.’ The ‘burqa ban’ came into force in... Read More

Porn Blocks Introduced; Page Three Remains

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has unveiled new plans to attempt to regulate internet porn. The plans include a proposed ‘opt-in’ law, whereby every adult UK internet user wishing to watch porn videos online will be required to contact their internet provider to request that they turn off mandatory adult material filters. The Prime Minister’s reasoning behind the proposed new law comes after a jaded Daily Mail campaign arguing that many children have witnessed internet... Read More