Beyoncé’s ‘The Mrs Carter Show’

An article from new writer Sarah Eggleton. When one thinks of American singing sensation Beyoncé, it’s almost impossible not to think of the phrase ‘Independent Woman’. The track of the same name – one of her early hits with band Destiny’s Child – sealed Beyoncé Knowles’ public image as that of a fearless yet feminine woman and as a feminist, to my mind at the very least. Regardless of your taste in music I think it is impossible not to notice... Read More

Le Parcel – A New Subscription Service

For Christmas 2012, monthly subscription services seemed to be a really popular choice for gifts. From screen prints to slabs of cheese it seems that – gift or not – you can now have pretty much anything you like turn up at your door on a monthly basis. And a new company – Le Parcel – are now offering a subscription of something that actually seems to make a great deal of sense in terms of a monthly delivery – tampons. If ever there were a consumer... Read More