2012 for Women: The Good

Following on from the last post here at Hot For Writing – which looked at some of the negative stories about women that made headlines in 2012 – it’s time to take a look at some of the positives, of which there were actually lots. Much better! London 2012 I don’t think anyone could really have predicted the pride and euphoria that swept the UK (if not the world) this summer and – looking at Team GB and Paralympics GB alone, the achievements... Read More

2012 for Women: The Bad

As we enter 2013 a lot of people – as is tradition in January – are taking time to make resolutions, take stock and reflect on the past twelve months. So I thought it might be an idea to do that here at Hot For Writing too – to take a look back at the past year and the stories that 2012 brought us, both good and bad. I always like to end on a positive where possible and – seeing as covering both the good and bad in one article would make for the world’s... Read More

So, Girls Don’t Study Physics.

So, the Institute of Physics (IOP) recently released a report looking at the progression of girls going on to study A Level physics after their GCSEs. As well as looking at the percentage of girls taking the subject – a figure that stands just below 30% – the study also looks at the progression of girls from different types of school. The report shows that 49% of coeducational state schools fail to send a single girl on to study A-Level physics each year. Interestingly,... Read More