IKEA Airbrush Women from Saudi Arabian Catalogue

Taking a look back, when I’ve written about technology I’ve often focussed on technology being used to negate women – previous articles have covered smart phone technology putting women in vulnerable positions and women in India being banned from using mobile phones. As much as I wish writing about technology would focus more on things moving forward, sadly this just doesn’t seem to be the case. More often than not, I seem to write about advances in... Read More

More Hot Writing: in The Guardian

As well as looking after Hot For Writing, I also write for other media outlets on a freelance basis. During the last month or so, I’ve had the opportunity to write about my day job in a number of different places, which has actually been quite an interesting change from writing here on HFW. My day job – in marketing and events management – isn’t something I share a lot about online (I tend to keep it quite separate), so it was both a challenge and a pleasure... Read More

Cadbury’s Crispello – Not for Men

So last week Cadbury’s launched Crispello – its first brand-new chocolate bar to launch since the 1990s. In addition, a £7 million advertising campaign to accompany the launch and promote the chocolate bar was also announced. For marketers like me (and – I’d imagine – everyone who just really loves chocolate), this should have been a pretty exciting development, non? Well, I had hoped so. But it seems that – in addition to its funny Italian-esque... Read More