The Union Jack & Summer 2012 Branding

2012 is so far proving to be a huge year for the UK. As well as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the London 2012 Olympic Games kick off in just a couple of weeks. These are two huge events, both with enormous potential for organisations and brands in terms of marketing, sales, promotion and PR and, as we’d perhaps expect, the country has been whipped into what seems to be an enormous patriotic frenzy. Street parties and public events are go as the torch relay makes its... Read More

McDonalds to Provide One in Five Olympic Meals

Who knew? Health campaigners this week warned that attempts to use the London 2012 Olympic Games to encourage sporting activity and improve public health will be undermined as a result of the recent announcement that one in five meals served to fans at the games will come from McDonalds. The International Olympic Committee launched – and defended – its food strategy last week, confirming that 3 million of the 14 million meals served during the two weeks of the Olympics... Read More

Plus-Size Gyms – A Double Standard?

I’m sure most of us have been there – heading into the gym, cracking on on the cross trainer… and then experiencing an immediate feeling of total incompetence when someone faster, thinner and generally fitter rocks up on the next treadmill and outperforms us with seemingly no effort whatsoever. Bad times. A little embarrassing? Sure. Loosely discouraging? Maybe. But I can’t say it’s ever made me want to leave the gym entirely and never go back. A... Read More