Let’s Talk About Fifty Shades of Grey.

So Fifty Shades of Grey – the ‘romantic fantasy’ novel (read: full-on erotica) currently obliterating bestseller charts across the world – has overtaken Harry Potter to become the fastest selling paperback of all time. The book is the first in a trilogy of erotic novels written by Erika Mitchell, a British author who writes under the pen name E.L. James and who describes her writing as offering women ‘a holiday from their husbands.’ Despite... Read More

The Queen and Feminism

An interesting article in the Guardian last week took a look at male-preference primogeniture, the British monarchy and the Royal Family’s relationship with feminism over the years. The article’s main thrust is this – is the Queen’s recent confirmation that male-preference primogeniture is to be overturned a good thing for feminism? This question is a pretty interesting one, and one to which my immediate response was a resounding ‘yes, of course!’... Read More