Public Bookshelves Spread Across Germany

I fully love this. In Cologne, Germany – the birthplace of the printing press – ‘public bookshelves’ are appearing, on street corners, city squares and even in supermarkets. The idea behind the public bookshelves is that people can take whatever they want to read and leave behind anything they want to give to others. There’s no need to register to use the bookshelves, no due dates or overdue fees, and users can take or give as many – or as few – as they like.... Read More

‘Failure Week’ at Top Girls’ School

So I’m slightly behind the times with this one, but I think it’s well worth writing about. Wimbledon High School, one of the top girls’ schools in the UK, in early March held a ‘Failure Week.’ Why? Well, the emphasis of the week was on having a go at things, and the aim was to teach the school’s high-performing pupils to not shun risk, build their resilience and to help them to learn from their mistakes. The week included workshops, assemblies... Read More

Sex Tapes and Self-PR: A New Narrative?

Celebrity sex tapes. Not a topic I’d usually be keen to write about, if I’m honest, but sometimes needs must… So a couple of weeks ago another celeb sex tape appeared online. It starred Tulisa Contostavlos, singer with successful UK band N-Dubz and judge on Simon Cowell’s juggernaut television talent show the X Factor. The tabloid response was predictable – stories were printed about Tulisa failing her teenage fans, others focussing on Cowell’s... Read More