PIP Breast Implants Scandal: Further Developments

The Department of Health has warned 50,000 British women with defective breast implants about their safety, and has ordered an investigation into the risks of the implants, the Independent reported this week. At the same time, the French government has ordered the products to be removed from every French woman who has had them fitted. I first reported on these defective implants back in December 2010, over at Zelda Lily. I wrote about how the Daily Mail had run a piece regarding... Read More

Indian Village Bans Unmarried Women From Using Mobile Phones

An Indian village has banned unmarried women from using mobile phones. The reason? Village elders fear that unmarried women will use mobile phones to arrange their own marriages behind their father’s backs. Yeah. I’m not kidding. The Lank village council has decided that unmarried men can use mobile phones only under parental supervision, whilst unmarried women face a blanket ban on their use. Local womens’ rights groups have criticized the measure as backward... Read More