Idaho Clears ‘Maybe Abortion’ Pharmacist

Some of you may have read about this case online when it first came to attention in the press. Last year, a pharmacist in Idaho refused an anti-bleeding drug to a woman who had a valid prescription because she thought the patient might have had an abortion. According to the website RHRealityCheck: ‘The pharmacist ‘suspected’ the prescription may have been called in on behalf of a woman who had undergone an abortion. She asked the nurse for what reason she was prescribing... Read More

More Hot Writing: In The Times!

As you may or may not already know, I work in Higher Education here in the UK. I formerly worked as a university Admissions Officer, and I currently work in Events at the University of Lincoln. I wrote an article last week about Clearing – the process by which remaining university places in the UK are allocated each summer – and it was picked up by The Times, one of the UK’s biggest-selling daily newspapers. I’m obviously really pleased about this, as it... Read More

Boobs Out = No Promotion, Apparently

Women who show too much cleavage at work are sabotaging their careers and could even face the sack, according to the results of a new survey. The survey, which was carried out for famous entrepreneur and ‘dragon’ Peter Jones, found that bosses feel that low-cut tops are one of the biggest mistakes a female worker can make, quite contrary to the idea that womanly curves can be an advantage to women in business. Clearly the consequences of flashing a bit too much boob... Read More

Japanese Surname Law Faces Legal Challenge

Five people in Japan are reportedly preparing an unprecedented legal challenge against the Japanese government. Why? They claim that a civil law forcing them to choose a single surname after marriage violates their constitutional rights. If they succeed, married men and women in Japan will for the first time be able to retain their own surnames, removing one of Japan’s few remaining legal obstacles to gender equality. In the vast majority of cases in Japan, women are required... Read More

ESPN Lists a Horse as a ‘Top Female Sports Star’

Oh ESPN. You did well at the end of last year. Though not everyone was convinced, you launched your new website, ESPNW, which drew attention to the differences between coverage of male and female sports, and provided dedicated online space to for discussion and coverage of women’s sporting achievements. What went wrong? You were really doing good things… and then you went and named a horse at number 4 in your list of top 10 women’s sports stories for 2010. Yes, you... Read More

Bulge-Enhancing Underwear for Men on Sale at M&S?!

Marks and Spencer, one of the UK’s most long-established and trusted brands (who I’ve discussed before over on Zelda Lily), has announced that it is to launch a range of body-enhancing underwear for men, the Daily Telegraph reports. The ‘Bodymax’ range features ‘front enhancement’ boxer shorts, which claim to result in a 38% visual enhancement in size – apparently the result of an ‘integral shelf’ – and ‘bum lift’ pants which apparently raise the buttocks... Read More