Study Highlights Dangers of Overseas IVF Treatment

A global survey of fertility treatment covering more than 100 countries has revealed wide variations in international laws governing IVF treatment which, it claims, are fuelling the growth of ‘fertility tourism.’ At least 10,000 people go abroad each year to seek help with having a baby – often because laws in their home country are too restrictive or the cost of treatment is too high. The Independent covered this story earlier in the year, with Jeremy Laurence discussing... Read More

Does Feminism Exist at University?

Feminism, at university, does not exist in any other way than as an academic concept, Lizzie Dearden writes in a recent article on the F-Word blog. Given that universities are supposed to nurture intelligent and interested students, this is an interesting standpoint to take. But, given my own experience as both a feminist and a university graduate, I don’t think this is actually that difficult an opinion to grasp. Dearden states that she was disappointed by her fellow... Read More

Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Charged With 8 Counts of Murder

A Philadelphia doctor, Dr Kermit Gosnell, is facing eight murder charges for operating what one District Attorney has called a ‘filthy, foul-smelling house of horrors’ abortion clinic where two woman and several infants were killed. Though ‘house of horrors’ might sounds like a bit of an exaggeration, perhaps stated by someone very conservative and anti-abortion, sadly it transpires that it is not. According to the BBC, some of the charges that will be brought... Read More

Cosmetic Surgery to Fit Into Designer Shoes?

We’ve all been there – finding the perfect pair of heels, going to try them on and then realising that they’re too small or too tight. The solution for most women is to try a different size, or to ditch that pair and try another but, according to new reports, a trend for cosmetic surgery on the feet, to enable such shoes to fit, is making its way to Britain from the USA. The trend, said to be inspired by designer shoe brands and films like Sex and the City, has apparently... Read More

Celeb Mums Who Lose Weight Quickly ‘Put Immense Pressure on Ordinary Women’

This is a bit of a sad story. The results of a new survey by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM), here in the UK, shows that two-thirds of new mothers have felt ‘a degree of coercion’ to slim back to their pre-pregnancy size as soon as possible after giving birth. A report, produced by the RCM in response to the results of the survey, has warned that super-slim celebrity new mothers are putting women under ‘immense pressure’ to lose their baby weight too fast.... Read More