Baking is Cool. Win!

Winner – apparently baking is on the up! According to Mintel, sales of home baking equipment have more than doubled in the last two years, and decorating and icing product sales are up 70% in year-on-year terms. Mintel also reckons that 28% of people in the UK bake from scratch at last once a week. To me, this 28% seems an extraordinary figure, given that the media continually tells us that many people in the UK can’t even boil an egg, but then again I can bake, and I... Read More

Women ‘Underpaid & Under-Represented’ in Creative Industries

A new report by training organisation Skillset has found that women working in the creative media industries in the UK are under-represented, underpaid and often more highly qualified than their male counterparts, Digital Arts Online reports. The report, titled Women in the Creative Media Industries, intends to provide a picture of the imbalances faced by women working in the sector in the UK, and examines evidence gathered by Skillset since 1999. The report finds that just over... Read More