Human Milk Bank Opened in Serbia

The Institute for Neonatology in Belgrade has opened up a brand-new human breast milk ‘bank’ – a first for Serbia and the Balkans. The facility aims to provide milk for premature newborns hospitalized at the Institute, and to boost rates of breastfeeding in a county where very few mothers take it up. Slavica Simic, head of the ‘bank,’ has also stated the intention to expand the facility, stating that: ‘Our goal is to extend the bank in order to be able to feed... Read More

Man Claims Parkinsons Drug Made Him a Gay Sex Addict

A 51-year old married father of two from France is suing drug company GlaxoSmithKline, saying that the drugs he took for Parkinson’s disease have turned him into a ‘compulsive gay sex and gambling addict.’ According to Fox News, Didier Jambart, of France, took Requip – a drug used to treat the motor side effects of Parkinson’s disease – from 2003 to 2005. Jambart says that, due to the side effects of Requip, he lost his family’s savings to internet gambling,... Read More

Men’s Health Magazine Launches Feminist Blog

Yep, you read the title of this post right. Men’s Health Magazine, usually full of ‘Upgrade Your Abs’ and ‘Have Better Sex’-type articles, has launched a blog, aimed at it’s male readers, about feminism. But is it a good thing? Whilst I initially had some reservations, I think so. Here’s why. Firstly, the fact that Men’s Health has decided to include a feminist blog as part of its web content seems to indicate that feminist blogging and web writing has moved... Read More