WHO Drops Targets for Caesarean Births

The World Health Organisation has dropped its recommendation that fewer births be carried out by Caesarean section. Having previously advised that no more than 10 to 15% of babies should be delivered by c-section (a figure often cited in the UK by those concerned about the rates of c-section births in the country), the WHO now states that there is no evidence to indicate that a recommended limit needs to be in place, stating that: ‘There is no empirical evidence for an optimum... Read More

‘Women Have Better Brains for Marketing’

Professor Mark Ritson of Melbourne Business School – a leading business academic and a PhD alumni of Lancaster University – my own alma mater – last month publically declared that women should always be the ‘natural choice’ for top marketing positions. Combining in-depth research with personal experience of working in marketing, Ritson has come to believe that women quite simply have better brains for marketing. Interesting stuff. Ritson has laid out a genetics-based... Read More

BPAS to Sue British Government Over Abortion Rules

Here in the UK, the government won’t allow women to take what is commonly (though ambiguously I think) known in the US as the ‘abortion pill’ at home. This is despite overwhelming evidence that it is safe to do so. And, after ten years of trying to get the government to change their stance on this, one abortion provider is now taking the UK government to court in a last-ditch attempt to change things. The ‘abortion pill,’ as it is commonly known in the US, or ‘medical... Read More