Does Disney Hate Families?

Back in September, Sonia Poulton wrote an interesting piece for the Daily Mail, arguing that Disney ‘hates parents’ and that Disney films very rarely feature a complete family unit with two parents. It’s an interesting argument to make. I, as with most of us I’d imagine, tend to view Disney as a brand that embraces traditional values and the nuclear family but, as Poulton’s piece explores, the absence of parents does seem to be a motif that runs through a number... Read More

Violence Against Women = The New Black?

I’m not ashamed to admit it; I like to watch trashy TV. My housemate finds this hilarious – I’m an English Literature graduate and it greatly amuses her how I intersperse reading classical literature with watching The Hills. I recently watched an episode of America’s Next Top Model (which, here in the UK gets shown sporadically and well after the show airs in the USA) – and found it rather interesting viewing. The episode featured a fashion shoot where contestants... Read More

Kings of Leon Seek ‘Women with Deformities’

People born with physical abnormalities, who have deformities due to accidents or are scarred with pockmarks from adolescent acne. People visibly suffering from low self-esteem due to years of poor treatment at the hands of cruel school peers, abusive partners or workplace bullies. Yeah, they’re not really the type of people you’d traditionally expect to be cast in high-profile music videos, are they? Well, times are clearly a-changing, as this week the Kings of Leon... Read More

Girl Aged 10 Gives Birth

A girl in Spain has become one of the world’s youngest mothers after giving birth to a healthy baby at just age ten. The baby, weighing a healthy 6lb 6oz, was born naturally at a hospital in Jerez de la Frontera in Southern Spain. Both mother and baby have been allowed out of the hospital and are in good health, but Spanish social services are said to be investigating the case. The UK media reported that Spanish local media had described the girl as a Romanian immigrant who... Read More

More Hot Writing

As well as looking after Hot For Writing, I sometimes occasionally write for other media outlets. Below are links to a selection of recently-published articles I’ve written for other sites – click on the links through to check them out. Zelda Lily: Want to be a Chinese City Warden? You’d Better be a Hottie. Zelda Lily: Girl Ages 10 Gives Birth to Healthy Baby in Spain Zelda Lily: Celeb Mums Who Lose Weight Quickly After Birth ‘Put Immense Pressure on Ordinary Women’ Zelda... Read More

MI5 Launches Recruitment Drive For Women

MI5, Britain’s top intelligence agency, has begun a recruitment campaign targeting women – because the violence and murder of TV show Spooks is reportedly scaring away would-be female intelligence agents. Men currently make up 59% of Security Service staff and the organisation wants to boost the number of female intelligence officers on its payroll. The UK’s Daily Telegraph reports today that officials at MI5 are worried that the over-the-top violence of Spooks, one... Read More

Magnetic Lingerie. Yes, Really.

Everyone’s been there. Getting, ahem, down to business – only to have to endure those awkward few seconds whilst your other half fumbles with your bra hooks. Clearly those little things are trickier than they look… But now a French label has launched a new range of women’s lingerie that fastens with magnets, rather than the traditional hook and eye fastenings. The Lingerie Dement line, which translates into English literally as ‘insane lingerie’, features... Read More