‘Moisturiser-Like’ Contraceptive Developed

A new contraceptive body cream, which could reportedly one day entirely replace the Pill and other female contraceptive methods, has been developed by scientists, the UK media reports this week. Women need only to rub a small amount of the product into their arms, legs, shoulders or abdomen, once a day, to ensure that they do not fall pregnant and, in early clinical trials, the cream has so far proved to be just as effective as using the Pill. The main benefit of the contraceptive... Read More

2010 Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize

Last weekend I took a trip to London with my good friend Adam. Adam is a professional photographer, and we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit the 2010 Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize exhibition as part of our trip. The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize website states that the exhibition, shown annually at the National Portrait Gallery: ‘Presents the very best in contemporary portrait photography, showcasing the work of talented young photographers... Read More

Being Single Costs £250,000

Living alone costs single people an extra £250,000 over a lifetime, it has been claimed, in a new study commissioned by UK price comparison website uSwitch. Researchers compared the spending of people living alone to that of couples, and found that carrying the full burden of a mortgage, holidays and bills all adds up and that single people actually spend more than £250,000 over the course of their life because they are not part of a couple. Added importance has been given... Read More

High School Rape Controversy in the US

Here’s a question. If someone raped you, would you want to then cheer them on on the high school basketball court? Yeah, neither would I. And neither did H.S., a 16-year-old high school student from Texas in the USA. Silsbee High School basketball ‘star’ Rakheem Bolton was indicted for sexual assault of a child – who for obvious reasons is identified only by the initials H.S. – at a post-game party in 2008. According to H.S., Bolton forced her into a room, locked... Read More

Hot Right Now: Red Hair

Whether it’s Rihanna’s postbox-red hues or Christina Hendricks’ more natural tones, Hollywood seems to be thoroughly embracing red hair right now. And it isn’t just those two who spring to mind when we look at red hair in the world of celebrity – current toast of the town Emma Stone, of Easy A and Superbad, has auburn girl-next-door type hair, Scarlett Johansson gave red highlights a go earlier this year and Kristin Stewart has reportedly started a trend for strawberry-blonde... Read More

‘International Antifeminism Meeting’ held in Switzerland

An antifeminist group called Interessengemeinschaft Antifeminismus’ (IGAF) hosted a meeting of their cause in Switzerland this last weekend, to ‘enable networking between men’s rights activists and make their concerns [about feminism] known to the public.’ Sadly, it would seem that their concerns are that the evil beast of feminism is oppressing men and poisoning society at large. The meeting was held in an undisclosed location in Sweden and around 150 activists –... Read More

The UK’s Top Female Role Models: Not Who You’d Think

A new poll of women for mydaily.co.uk has revealed that the likes of Kate Moss and Cheryl Cole are non-starters in terms of influence, when compared with the more ‘heavyweight’ likes of Baroness Thatcher, Condoleezza Rice and The Queen. I’m genuinely surprised by the results of the survey, which asked the question of  ‘which woman do you find most influential’ – but pleasantly surprised. The women who make the survey’s list are women who have made a difference... Read More