More Hot Writing

As well as looking after Hot For Writing, I sometimes occasionally write for other media outlets. Below are links to a selection of recently-published articles I’ve written for other sites – click on the links through to check them out. Zelda Lily: Disabled Model Becomes Overnight Celebrity after Posing for Disability Awareness Ad Zelda Lily: Bulge-Enhancing Underwear for Men on Sale at M&S?!  Zelda Lily: Moisturiser-Like Contraceptive Could Replace the Pill Coffee... Read More

Images of Modern Feminism

Damn, how did I not know about this before? A collection of 38 postcards, celebrating modern feminism and created by both artists and those famed in different fields including music and science, were auctioned at the Aubin gallery in London earlier this month to raise funds for Feminism in London, a grass-roots networking and campaigning organisation based in the capital. The Guardian recently put online a photo gallery of some of the postcards included in the exhibition and auction... Read More

Starbucks to Sell Alcohol

So, Starbucks are serving alcohol. The company released a statement earlier this week to say that they are experimenting with a more ‘adult’ range of beverages at one of their ‘learning lab’ locations in Seattle. The chain has reopened a store in the city’s Capitol Hill neighbourhood after a redesign, and announced that the store is now offering wine and beer as well as an ‘expanded food menu.’ Though the statement did not provide any details on the new alcoholic... Read More

Bicycle ‘Tube Map’ in Development

So Boris Johnson’s bicycles seem to have gone down well in the big smoke. That’s good. But, since the cycle hire initiative launched, there seem to have been two main grumbles from serious cyclists and casual users alike – firstly, that the bicycles are pretty much moving advertisements for Barclays Bank, and secondly, that there is no cycle map of London available – something that is proving frustrating for tourists and newcomers to the city. Whilst the Barclays Bank... Read More

Unpublished Anthony Burgess Short Story Found

Amazing literary news in the press this morning – a previously unpublished short story by A Clockwork Orange author Anthony Burgess has been found and is set to be broadcast for the first time. I love stories like this. The thought of a dusty sheath of papers just laying in wait to be discovered is a romantic notion - but a very exciting one nonetheless. I genuinely live in hope that one day someone will finally discover the fabled Love’s Labour’s Won manuscript… The... Read More

Disabled Model Hits The Mainstream

A disabled model in Belgium, who posed in just a plunge bra as a part of campaign to raise awareness of disability issues, has become an overnight celebrity in Belgium and across Europe. Tanje Kiewitz, who is missing her right wrist and hand, has been inundated with interview requests from across the continent since the advert went to press a few weeks ago. Kiewitz, a 35-year-old graphic designer, posed for the black-and-white shot wearing just a lacy black bra. The image adorned... Read More

Italian Town Set to Ban Miniskirts

The mayor of Castellammare di Stabia, a town on the Italian coast near Naples, is seeking a city-wide ban on miniskirts, and will find out later this evening whether his proposal has won the backing of the local council. Luigi Bobbio’s proposal is one of many that he has put forward with the aim of  ‘restoring urban decorum and facilitating better civil coexistence.’ Other proposals include a ban on swearing and a ban on playing football in public parks. Despite... Read More