The ‘Spoon Theory’

People who struggle with ‘invisible’ illnesses such as ME, MS or mental health problems often find it difficult to explain the difficulties they face to the people around them, as their symptoms aren’t visible to the naked eye. This was the problem faced by Christine Miserandino when a close college friend asked her what it was really like to live with lupus. Miserandino’s friend had seen her on bad days as well as good, so knew more than most about how Miserandino’s... Read More

Penguin Paperbacks and the Changing Face of Contemporary Literature

The story of the first Penguin paperbacks is well-known, but for good reason – it’s a good story. In 1935, Allen Lane, then chairman of Bodley Head publishing, spent a weekend in the country with Agatha Christie. Whilst waiting for the train back to London, he browsed shops at Exeter Station, looking for something to read. All he could find were magazines and cheap pulp fiction. Lane returned to Bodley Head and proposed the idea of developing a range of quality books, to... Read More

I am Hot For Writing.

I’m Amy. I work in Higher Education Art & Design in the UK which, most days, I really like. In my spare time I like to read and I like to write. Oh, and I also like to cook, make postcards for people to share their secrets on, and drink coffee with really cool people at this little place. I’m a graduate of Lancaster University and, though I majored in English, writing isn’t something I’ve always been into. I didn’t take the creative writing modules offered to me... Read More

Wonder Woman Gets a Makeover

This week has been a interesting one for Wonder Woman. The 69-year-old superheroine, published by DC Comics, has been granted a new (and rather less revealing) costume – and is also enjoying the publication of issue no. 600 of her monthly comic series. Wonder Woman’s Previous Get-Up The new costume ties into an alternative history for Wonder Woman, devised by J. Michael Staczynski, the new writer for the Wonder Woman series, and into a quest by DC Comics to cast a... Read More