Japanese Life Expectancy Increases Again

Japanese women have enjoyed the longest life expectancy in the world for more than two decades, according to newly-released government figures. In 2009, women in Japan could expect to live to a record average of 86.4 years – up almost five months from the previous year. Nom! Experts attribute the extraordinary longevity of the Japanese to a traditional low-fat diet of fish, rice, simmered vegetables and soy products, easy access to healthcare and a comparatively high standard... Read More

New Equalities Minister: ‘All Women Should Aspire to be a Size 14′

The UK’s new Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone of the Liberal Democrat Party, has said that all women should aspire to be a UK size 14 (US size 10/12) with a buxom, hourglass figure. Joan Holloway of Mad Men Stating that women should not be made to feel inadequate by the stick-thin models staring out at them from advertising billboards and magazines, Ms. Featherstone suggested that all too often women are made to feel wretched about their size as they constantly compare... Read More